On one April weekend in Berlin we had a great opportunity to have fun and of course to live through these painfully long hours of waiting before Battle of Winterfell gets started. It was wonderful @galleryweekendberlin, which should be visited at least once, no matter how far you are from art or Berlin. The fact is that when we say that we love Berlin, we certainly do not mean the Brandenburg Gate, or currywurst, or even techno music. Lovestory with Berlin, it is always a personal thing, and everyone has their own story, about a tram, or a dog, about the waiter, who knows. But the individual sense becomes common when we add art to the initial data, and free alcohol, of course.

After Gallery Weekend, in every I-love-Berlin talks, we remember how we were drinking wine from the glass at the foot of the gallery with an Australian artist who moved here six months ago, but did not feel better anywhere, even in New York (not surprisingly, there is a real health insurance). Also we immediately think about how beautifully the sakura was fading away, especially looking from the huge windows of painted in the white rooms of the gallery, with its flawless historical flooring and some kind of magical lighting, where everyone looks indecently beautiful. How cool it was to see curious people on the streets with branded blue maps of Berlin, where participant galleries were marked. These children, dogs, graceful pensioners and, of course, whether homeless or hipster guys, telling each other a short way to the next gallery and shared admiration for what they saw. For a long time we will remember how in the another gallery we departed and approached the picture going a long way from "I can do it myself" to "how much it costs? I really need it. What? This year I will probably take a postcard." Last, but definitely not least, in the memory appear these beautiful people behind huge apple screens (seriously, this is some kind of interior must have of all art spaces), who did not spare their time and smiles, to make it clear that modern art is not for the elect and not necessarily difficult (don't worry there is always a press release, and often free alcohol). Behind a performance or social manifesto, freedom of form or thought, abstraction or landscape, lies another level - the perception of the viewer. His personal assessment, probably his reflection and response, his inspiration, the results of these processes can be anything. Such events launch a mechanism that will inevitably lead to the emergence of new artists (I do not recommend it to anyone by the way), to the movement of art, and then more and more, you know. And all this is here in Berlin, where it smells like grass, where you never know what language your neighbor speaks in the metro, where IT, freedom of the body, trains always coming late, feminism, döners, carriages, mutual respect of cultures and opposition of political parties merge into one. The art here, regardless of the country of origin, shaded Berlin, which makes it only more awesome.

Hope to show there some new works very soon!

Art work Copyright © 2018, Alexandr Lufer